How is it done Japanese student Visa process?

Japanese Student Visa process has Three steps;

  1. Students Selection by school; Japanese Language Schools conduct direct and indirect selection processes by using 3 steps; I) Screening the documents, II) Conducting Skype or Face-to Face interview, and III) Conducting Written Test. Students those having good academic documents are prioritized in selecting by screening documents. Students  having NAT or JLPT-5 Test are put in priority of selection. Interviews are conducted in Japanese language mostly and in English sometime. Students who give good interview are put in priority. Some schools even conduct written test selecting the students.
  2. Inquiry from Immigration; After you are selected from schools, you should make necessary documents required by Immigration and send them to your school. When school applies in immigration, it inquires you , parents and concerned authorities regarding all the issues related to you and your authorities which have issued them.
  3. Interview in Embassy; After a successful inspection of process, immigration casts COE ( Certificate of Eligibility) to you. You should face interview in Japanese embassy with this COE and admission letter of school. It provides you the Visa for going Japan to study as you had applied.

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