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Now, UK and EU students at English universities are required to pay up to £9,250 (~US$13,050) per year. International undergraduate tuition fees vary considerably, starting at around £10,000 (~US$14,130) and going up to £38,000 (~US$53,700) or more for medical degrees. Fees in Colleges start from   £ 6000 going to variations up.

  1. Procedures:
  1. Ensure you meet all requirements

You are likely to need: • An up-to-date passport • An English language proficiency qualification (Take the IELTS test) • Proof of how you will be funding your studies • Tuberculosis test

  • Find a course and select your universities

 Choose a course • Choose up to 5 universities

  • Write your personal statement

• Stay within character limit • Focus on your love for the course • Make it unique to you

  • Apply through us

• Pay £200 Application fee (£100 if you only apply to one) • Provide your details •

  • After you get Acceptance letter-Pay for immigration health surcharge • Pay £300 fee for a year online •
  • Apply for your visa

• Apply online for Tier 4 or Student Visitor Visa • Pay £310 (£83 for Student Visitor) visa fee • You will need your CAS form (that we provide you) • Go to visa application centre for finger prints and photographs. Note: Visa processing time 18 to 20 days .

  • Visa interview • Bring the following evidence: Tuberculosis Screening Certificate from UKVI approved TB Test Centre / CAS form / Current passport / English language proficiency test mentioned in CAS form / Financial proof you can fund your studies / Two passport photographs / Academic certificates mentioned in CAS form / Original birth certificate (and translation if not in English) / Proof of payment for immigration health surcharge • Explain why you wish to study in the UK • Stay calm • Be friendly
  • Start planning your journey

• You can arrive up to one month before your studies begin (one week if you are studying for less than 6 months) • Organise accommodation • Book planes/trains.

  • Arrive in the UK to begin your studies • Keep all documents on you for immigration • Collect biometric residence permit • Celebrate
  • Part Time Job

International students who study a full-time undergraduate or postgraduate degree course at a recognised university are allowed to work part-time during term term for up to 20 hours a week and full-time during the holidays.

After completion of a degree, UK welcomes international students to work there. Students can apply for a job of their liking. The visa requirements for permanent working in the UK is a Tier-2 Visa.

International students are currently permitted to remain in the UK for up to 2 years after completing their studies under rules that were introduced.

For a non EU person coming in as a student, you get 2 years after your education to get a job offer. With that job offer you can get a Tier 2 visa (let’s call it a Work Permit). If you stay for 5 years on such a permit, then you are eligible to apply for PR.

Iceland is the first country for finding job, New Zealand is in the sixth and Canada is in the 10th, Australia is in the 11th, and United Kingdom is in the 14th. USA is in the 16th.

  • Courses:
  • Business
  • Health Science
  • Engineering
  • Information  Technology
  • Hotel Management
  • Social Science /Work
  • Early Childhood
  • Criminal Law
  • Nursing
  • Photography, Editing, Acting, Film Making, etc

Some samples of courses:

Under-Graduate Programs

BA (Hons) Accounting and Finance
BA (Hons) Accounting and Finance with Internship
BSc (Hons) Business Economics
BA (Hons) Business Studies
BA (Hons) Business Studies with Entrepreneurship
BA (Hons) Business Studies with Finance
BA (Hons) Business Studies with Internship
BSc (Hons) Human Resource Management
BA (Hons) International Business Management
BSc (Hons) Social Media Marketing BEng (Hons) Civil and Environmental Engineering
BSc (Hons) Computer Games Technology
BSc (Hons) Computer Science
BSc (Hons) Computing and Information Systems
BSc (Hons) Creative Computing
BSc (Hons) Cyber Security
BEng (Hons) Electrical and Electronic Engineering
BSc (Hons) Information Technology
BSc (Hons) Information Technology Management for Business (ITMB)
BSc (Hons) Mobile Computing

Graduate programs:

MSc Digital Marketing
MSc Finance and Accounting
MSc Finance and Risk Management
MA Human Resource Management
MSc International Business Management
MSc International Marketing
MBA Masters in Business Administration

MSc Applied Project Management
MSc Civil and Environmental Engineering
MSc Civil Engineering
MSc Construction Project Management
MSc Cyber Security
MSc Digital Audio Engineering
MSc Health Informatics
MSc Information Systems

MSc Software Engineering

E. Intake

Next intake: Jan/2020

Admissions Criteria with Fess Structure

• January and September intakes

• MBA and MSc International Business- April Intake

• Pre-sessional English: 8 and 12 weeks pre-sessional programmes- June/ July/ October/ November

F.  English requirements:

 For University: #IELTS Requirements: 6.5 overall and each 6 for Masters Program and 6 over all and 5.5 in each for Bachelor program

  • English Language Requirements for UG program is overall (6) no band less than (5.5).
  • English language Requirements for PG program is overall (6.5) no band less than (6).
  • If student is unable to meet that above mentioned requirement also academic requirement is low then there is option for foundation course which is nearly 1 year course. For foundation IELTS requirement is 5.5(5.5) for undergraduate level.
  • For Nursing, English language Requirements is 7(6.5) or 7 in each band for direct entry in P.G or U.G program.
  • UKVi test is practically made for those who is unable to get required scores in regular IELTS. This UKVi IELTS is same as like regular IELTS but with the help of this, student can apply if he/she got 5 (4.5) for foundation else he can directly apply in Bachelor or Masters program if they scored the requirement as per needed.
  • Charge for UKVI IELTS (Nrs 29800).
  •  IELTS waiver only for above 75% in English.

G. # Academic Requirement: 50% above in academic performance

F. Financing

Applicants need to maintain the required amount in their bank account for a minimum period of 28 days before applying for a UK Student Visa. The bank balance must show sufficient funds to cover the tuition fee and living expenses on per year basis.

For UG and Foundation Deposit- Full first years fee. For PG Deposit- 50% of fees

A bank-slip, bank statement or certificate of deposit that shows you have held enough money to cover your course fees and your monthly living costs for up to 9 months. They must show that you have held the required money for (at least) a consecutive 28 day period which ends within the 31 day period before you paid your visa fee online. For example, if you paid your fee online on 15 August, the bank-slip, bank statement or certificate of deposit you submit must show that you held the required money for (at least) a 28 day period that ended between the 15 July and 15 August.

UKVI will accept money that is frozen in a certificate of deposit. However the certificate of deposit must prove that the money has already been held for 28 days. For example, if you deposited your funds in a fixed-term account on 1 March, and your date of online application was 15 August, it is not enough to only submit the original deposit slip from 1 March. You must also submit an additional certificate of deposit to show that the money was still held between 15 July and 15 August i.e. within the 31 day period before your online application date. Do not provide a bank letter or certificate quoting an average balance. Funds must be held in your name or by your parents or an official sponsor. Money held by any other third party will not be accepted.

You can only qualify as a sponsored student if you are sponsored by one of the following official sponsors: UK government; British Council; your government; or any international organisation, international company, university or UK independent school. You cannot be sponsored by anyone else, including other family members or friends.

Proof of relationship

You must prove your relationship to your parents if the above funds are held under a parent’s name. You can submit one of the following original documents: birth certificate or adoption certificate. And a letter from your parent(s) or legal guardian(s) providing consent for you to use the money if the above funds are held in their name(s).

  •  Universities for which we are referring students

 University Name                                                                                   Weblink                   

1. The University of Wales Trinity Saint David (UWTSD)           

2. University of East London                                                         

3.  University of Cumbria                                                              

4. Bath Spa University                                                                 

5. Queens University Belfast                                                        

6. De Montfort University                                                

7.  University of Sout Wales                                                   

8. University of Law                                                                      

9. Cardif Metropolitan University                                          

10. Birmingham City University                                                    

11. University of Hertfordshire                                                  

12. Robert Gordon University                                               

13. University of Portsmouth                                                              https://www/

14. Swansea University                                            

15. University of Northampton                                             

16. University of plymouth                                                    

17. SAE Institute                                                                          

18. Brunel University                                                              

          Some Other universities we can refer students

  1. University of West London.
  2. Plymouth University.
  3. Solent University.
  4. Greenwich University.
  5. University of Leeds.
  6. Uclan (University of Central Lancashire).
  7. Kent University.
  8. Sunderland University.
  9.  Sheffield University
  10.  Bolton University

Some samples with Fee structure / Requirements:

Some other UK universities you can wish to study on;

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