Nepalese students are of two types by their motifs; 1. Genuine Ones, and 2. Targeting Ones. It is my strong advice to visit first type students only to our office.

The interest of first type of students is to study by heart going abroad. While second type students wish to go abroad in the name of study and work or want to change to PR. We are an educational consultancy not the immigration agent or a man-power. Our job is to counsel the students and refer them in genuine universities, colleges or schools for higher study. So we do the task accordingly. Next, students often ask us about the certainty of Visa. But we are not consular to assure you the visa of any country. As you know our life itself isn’t 100% guaranteed, then how can an educational consultancy guaranty you the Visa of any other country? Our job is to guide the students properly for a right choices of academic institutions abroad. We are open to show our affiliated universities and colleges so that they can see the ranking grade of those universities and colleges and know that they are of a high standards in the world having good image to cast COE/I-20/Offer Letter to the perspective students from Immigration of the concerned countries. Success of visa depends on your own documentation process and the universities, colleges or schools abroad in which you are applying. Our duty is to help students to prepare the strong documents on which we are confident enough to expose all the documents prepared here in assistance with students themselves. Students can raise their voice concerning the strength of documentation process or the status of target academics abroad with us. We are responsible of these things here and assure you the high possibility of Visa. Thank you.

Dipendra Pokhrel

Managing Director


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